We understand that choosing a safari company is the single most key decision one has to make. Find below our 14 reasons explaining why you have come to the right place:-


1. Affordable, distinctive tailor-made safari packages
We deliver superior quality safari packages at the lowest cost possible but without compromising quality and the desire of our clients to have enjoyment and satisfaction. We are capable of organizing truly life-enriching safaris for individuals and groups such as families, students, business and religious groups, honeymooners and couples which accommodate specific needs, budget and time.

2. Safety, security & best suited safari vehicles
We wish to assure you that you will enjoy your safari in Tanzania without any undue concerns about safety and security. Relatively, Tanzania is a peaceful and secure country, often describe as “the Island of Peace”. Booking your safari with us, for among others we would like to assure you of comfortable customized 4WD safari jeep vehicle, your personal and financial security.We assure you lifetime memorable safari adventure!

3. Easy to pay and 100% guaranteed financial protection
Unlike other safari operators, we provide clients with the freedom to either pay through Bank or to pay online using credit cards such as Master Card or VISA.

Our prices have no gimmicks and once we have confirmed your booking we guarantee that no price would change even if there are currency fluctuations and we won’t add any unexpected surcharges. Furthermore, we will ensure that your money is spent for the safari you have chosen and if there is any change we will communicate and advise you well in advance on alternative safari arrangement of similar or above standards.

4. Repeat customer discount program
We are happy that most of our clients choose to go on a safari with us for more than once. As a way of expressing our gratitude to our loyal clients, we offer loyal discount for returning clients as follows:-

  • 10% saving when a client has done a safari 5 times or more with Across Africa Nature.
  • 5% saving when a client has done a safari 2-4 times with Across Africa Nature.

5. Excellent customer care from experienced and friendly staff
Our staff are dedicated to giving you the very best service around. Unlike many other companies, we guarantee you a quick turnaround time. As soon as you make a decision to go on safari or tour, we want to be available as your first point of contact with an informed, prompt and friendly service. We will assist and advice throughout. Upon arrival at the airport, our staff will receive and welcome you.

6. Availability of 24/7 emergence telephone number
Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be issued with a 24 hours, 7 days emergence telephone number to call any time for any assistance that you may require prior or during your safari in Tanzania up to the time of your departure and even after your departure.

7. Best suitable accommodations
Tanzania has a wide range of accommodation styles which give everybody an opportunity to come and explore this amazing country. Whether the visit to Tanzania is for business or leisure, we will always assist in planning and careful selecting the best and affordable places that provide enjoyment, fun and joy of exceptional accommodation and hospitality.

8. Commitment to responsible tourism
Once we know safari destination of your choice, we shall share information before, during and after your safari aimed at educating you about the culturally, economically and environmentally appropriate behaviors. We would want you to respect values, customs, beliefs and to foster greater understanding of local people culture, their environmental issues and to contribute towards economic benefits. Responsible tourism is a standing agenda in our company and we encourage innovative ways to protect the environment, develop local people and the local economy.

9. Encountering the most authentic ethnic tribes
In order to enrich your safari experience, we will ensure that you’re welcomed into the homes and experience the oldest living cultures of the most authentic ethnic tribe such as Datoga and Maasai. Our policy of responsible tourism for mutual benefits with the local tribes gives us unique access to such tribes and areas not known to others.

10. Refer-A-Friend Free Safari Program
Travelers returning from a safari with us often tell their family, friends and relatives about their experience. As a result many of those friends chose to go on safari with us too. We understand the role the referrers play in promoting our business and we continue to encourage you to introduce our company to your family, friends and relatives. We hugely appreciate and as a way of saying thank you in a modest way, we assure you of a free safari once you have referred family, friends, relatives or any other person to take a tour or safari with us.

11. Maintenance of long term relationships
We know that some tourists would like to maintain relationships with places they have visited. Across Africa Nature is ready to help in maintaining a long time relationships between tourists and local institutions and communities. We can help to coordinate any donations or gift that tourists may wish to give to local communities during or after their touring.

12. Assurance of first hand local knowledge
Our company is based in Arusha, fully registered & licensed to operate in Tanzania. It is locally owned and managed by native Tanzanians who have travelled, worked and lived in Tanzania for more than 30 years. Also, our tour guides and safari experts are all native Tanzanians, who have lived, studied and worked in Tanzania, hence have first hand local knowledge. We can promptly obtain first hand information that would be of interest to our clients about any aspects of tourism in Tanzania. We are well known by Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and Tanzania Tourist Board. We are the local experts!

13. Flying Doctor Insurance
Our company provides rescue & emergence flying doctor airlift insurance cover in case of an accident or emergence illness for our clients. The Flying Doctors Services provides Airlifts in East Africa region to the best medical providers.

14. Group Discounts Program
We understand why group safari is at times necessary and the enjoyment that comes with it. In view of that we have established a suitable Group Discount Program. When 16 or more people book at the same time on the same safari, the 16th person will travel free or each group member gets 5% off. Note that all group members’ itineraries must be the same including arrival, departure and destinations, all paperwork and payments must be handled by a group leader, the discounts apply to land cost only and not international flights.

Terms and conditions apply to item 4 & 11 above.