Community Support

As part of its  responsible and sustainable  tourism program, Across Africa Nature is supporting the Moivaro  Impaired Children Center in addressing challenges facing it.


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About the Children Center

The Moivaro Impaired Children Center started in January 2002. The first children at the center were four; three girls and one boy. The boy had hearing impairment and the three girls had intellectual impairment.

Since 2002, the number of children at the center has increased to fifty.  Among them forty two have intellectual impairment, seven have hearing impairment and one has visual impairment. Out of the fifty children, only twenty two attend educational classes and physiotherapy at the Center and the rest stay at home because they are unable to come to the Center.

The key reasons for those unable to come to the Center is that they are living too far from center, being at bed ridden condition and having complicated physical disability.



The Center is faced with the following key challenges:-

  • Abject poverty of the parents inhibits giving their children the necessary needs.
  • Lack of necessary facilities and games at center for the children.
  • Lack of dining hall and kitchen.
  • Lack of special/suitable study chairs and tables for theChildren center-3 children with physical disability.
  • Lack of electricity in the classroom for the children with intellectual impairment. These children are required to spend large part of their time watching movies or listening to music in order to stimulate their minds.
  • Lack of radio for music.
  • Lack of funds to facilitate serious home visitation.
  • Lack of nutritional food supply.



The offices of Children center-1 Across Africa Nature are located close to the Children Center. The Managing Director, Ms Delvina Mfanga visited the Center and identified several challenges. After consultation with the management of the Center, Across Africa Nature started to address  challenges starting with connecting electricity to the classroom of the children with intellectual impairment so that they are able to watch television and listen to music in order to keep them busy and stimulate their minds.


Across Africa Nature funded the installation of electricity. Currently, children are able to watch television. This donation was extended to include connection of electricity in the teachers’ office, the storeroom and installation of night security lights.

This Center is still faChildren center-2ced with several more important challenges which require support of different stakeholders. In collaboration with other partners and well wishers, Across Africa Nature is committed to continue looking for ways to support the Children Center. If you are touched  and you feel like helping the Children in any ways, please feel free to contact us and we shall be more than happy to collect your donation or link you with  Children Center.