Datoga live in the northern volcanic highlands of Mt Hanang and around Lake Basotu and Lake Eyasi. Archaeological evidence suggests that their origin is in the Southern Sudan, or Western Ethiopia highlands approximately 3000 years ago. They are semi-nomadic who have migrated several times due to relations with the Maasai and other pastoral ethnic groups in the region. They are famous for their skillful farming, hunting and craftsmanship.  They are considered to be the oldest tribe.  Among the Sukuma, the Datoga are given the name Taturu, among Maasai they are termed as Mang’ati and Barabaig. Barabaig is actually a clan of Datoga. Barabaig are popularly known because they are the largest population among the Datoga and are frequently represented in many occasions.  Their traditional enemies among the pastoral communities are the Maasai but there have been less conflicts.  In their custom, hunting a lion or an elephant with just a spear makes one to be granted hero title.

Cultural tourism has enabled the Datoga tribe to be exposed to the external world. Visiting Datoga will give you a memorable life experience. Visiting the Datoga, you will have opportunity to:-

  • Explore their cultural way of life.
  • Fishing activity in Eyasi Lake.
  • Explore ancient blacksmith skills.
  • Discover traditional herbs that cure various diseases


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