Ruvuma Estuary – Mnazi Bay Marine Parks


Mnazi Bay-Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park is a multi-purpose marine protected area with globally significant marine biodiversity values. The Park covers a total land and sea area of 650 sqkm with 20,000 inhabitants.

Some of the best diving in Tanzania is found within the Marine Park and includes spectacular outer reef drop offs, extensive spur and groove formations, channel and patch reefs. Over 400 species of fish have been identified and more species of coral (over 258) than anywhere else on the East African Coast. The inter-tidal reef flats filled with life and the pristine white sands of Ruvula Beach complete this tropical paradise.

Dive safaris are available on a single day’s dive or camping trips on Ruvula Beach’s beautiful beach. With sufficient notice, tailor made Safaris can be arranged to meet individual requirements.

Visitors can also enjoy guided tours, whose boats are fitted with state of the art equipment to ensure a memorable and fulfilling experience. Also, diving lessons can be offered both within the park and at the nearby Mikindani Bay.


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