Selous Game Reserve



The Selous Game Reserve is pronounced Selooo.  It is the largested protected wildlife area in Africa with 45,000 Square Kilometers of wilderness. It is bigger than the size Switzerland, bigger than the size of South Africa’s Kruger National Park and twice the size of the Serengeti National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. It is named after the Englishman Frederick Courtenay Seolous (1851-1917) who used to hunt and explore in the area during the British colonial era in Tanzania.

What to see

Seolous hosts the largest extant populations of elephants, lions, leopards, sable antelope, rare African wild dogs, buffalos and hippos. The largest Tanzania’s river, the hypnotic Rufiji River bisects the reserve and harbours Selous 3prodigious hippo, crocodile and various water-associated birds. The river forms a complex network of channels, lakes and swamps that create one of the most outstanding ecological systems in East Africa.

Well-watered, Seolous is also home to the ferocious yet attractive tiger fish and vandu catfish, the latter equipped with a primitive set of lungs which allows it to migrate from one landlocked pool to another. The Seolous is also rich in, open woodland, grassy plains, mountains and forests.

What to do

The famous touristic activities in Seolous include:-

  1. Game drive safaris
  2. Nature photography safaris
  3. River CanoeingSelous-1
  4. Bird watching safaris
  5. Wedding & Honeymoon holidays
  6. Fly -camping safaris
  7. Fishing sports
  8. Walking safaris
  9. Night Game drive
  10. Hunting

This is the place visitors can see a greater concentration of wildlife like in the Seregenti National Park.


There are several magnificent lodges and camps located within and in the Selous-2outskirt of the Seolous. Also, there are several private and public campsites available for  renting.


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