There are many reasons that make Tanzania a great place to visit, but here’s our top 14.


1. Abundant stunning natural wonders
Tanzania boasts to have six of UNESCO world heritage sites and three of seven natural wonders of Africa. It is the land of Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar Islands endowed with plenty of world rare natural wonders; water bodies, exquisite scenery, diversity of fauna and flora which have no peer in Africa. Tanzania was voted ‘the best safari country of Africa’ in 2013 through Safari Bookings. Visit  and be transformed by the magic of Tanzania natural wonders!

2. Friendly and warm-hearted people
One fact will remain true that Tanzanians are authentic African people, lauded to be friendly, hospitable and warm–hearted. When you arrive in Tanzania, you will be received with “karibu sana” which really implies warmth, hospitality, and genuine happiness at meeting you. When you leave the country, you will be told “kwa heri na karibu tena”, which means bye and see you soon since you are expected to visit once again.

3. Amazing array of touristic activities
When you are in Tanzania, the breadth of touristic activities to choose from can overwhelm you. These include and are not limited to wildlife safaris, beach holidays, photographic safaris, cultural tours, mountain trekking, boating, cultural tourism, fishing, archeological & historical sites tours, wedding & honeymoon holidays. Whatever time you spend visiting this country, the benefits to you and to the local people is priceless. Many world famous people such as several Presidents of the United States of America have visited Tanzania.

4. Easy availability of tourist Visa
You can purchase your Visa at the nearest Tanzania Embassy or Consulate before you leave for your trip or at any point of entry into the Tanzania Mainland or Zanzibar Island without hassles.

5. Peace and political stability
Unlike many countries in Africa, Tanzania is a peaceful and secure country. Some people have named it, “the Island of peace. The government of Tanzania takes tourists safety very seriously. Apart from the ordinary Police, there is even a special Tourism Police Unit established in 2012 to ensure security and safety of the tourists and who are at hand to attend to any issues of concern to tourists. We wish to assure you that you will enjoy your tour in Tanzania without any undue concerns about safety and security.

6. Best safari country year-round

The country has pleasant tropical weather and climatic condition making it visitable all year-round. What is the best time to visit depends on several things including traveler’s interests, specifically where one wants to visit and the reasons for visiting. One traveler’s best time can be the vice versa of the other. For sure, at any point in time there are amazing things worth exploring in this country. For example, the Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration is a natural process that happens all year–round.

7. Easy to withdraw and exchange money

The currency in Tanzania is Tanzania Shillings. However, travelers can come with convertible foreign currencies such as US$ and exchange at the airport, banks, hotels or Bureau de Change. Also, one can withdrawal money using Visa Card from ATMs located in almost all banks with 24-hour access. All internationally major credit cards are also accepted. Most banks, hotels and bureau de change accept traveler’s cheques.

8. Diverse means of transport and communications

There are many international flights from overseas that land in Tanzania, including Qatar Airways, Emirates and KLM. Moving domestically one can fly or drive between national parks or can opt to do a bit of both. There are also charter flights between national parks. In terms of communication, almost the entire country has landline and mobile phone coverage, and internet connections for one to use without problems.

9. Availability of best cuisines and safe water

Where and what to eat is not a problem in Tanzania. All hotels, restaurants and lodges provide variety of best local and international cuisines. Safe water is readily available.

10. High quality accommodation styles at affordable prices

Tanzania has a wide range of accommodation styles including luxury, standard, budget and camping. This means there is accommodation to suit everyone who wants to come and explore this amazing country. All of the national parks and other wildlife areas have accommodation facilities established in and around them for visitors to choose from and are prices are within most visitors reach.

11. Unlikelihood of facing language communication barriers

English and Swahili are the official national languages. Unlike English, Swahili is spoken by virtually all Tanzanians and viewed as a symbol of national unity. However, you are unlikely to face communication problems because in most cities and people involved in tourism industry speak other international languages such as English, French, Italian etc.

12. Plentiful of shopping centers

There are many shopping centers such as supermarkets and shopping malls for one to get variety of goods just like in Europe and America. There are also many places to buy souvenirs and traditional crafts and artifacts. You can shop till you drop!

13. Availability of great tour operators

There are several reputable, registered, experienced and responsible tour operators such as Across Africa Nature who can ensure among others, your personal and financial security and a truly life- enriching safari experience.

14. Witness Serengeti natural wildebeest migration

The Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration is a natural process that happens all year. It involves thousands of wildebeest, accompanied by eland, zebra, gazelle, and impala following a fairly predictable pattern, as the wildebeest are constantly seeking water and fresh pasture. The migration can be found during any given month; you just need to know the best location to see the migration during a given time of the year. This is a fascinating experience many tourists wish to see and it is truly lifetime memorable experience.

The above are just a few of the reasons that make Tanzania a great place to visit and make your holiday a lifetime memorable experience.

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