The Hadza or Hadzabe also named as Tindiga are the sole remaining of hunter-gathers bushmen inhibiting north-central Tanzania in the central Rift Valley in the vicinity of Lake Eyasi southern Ngorongoro area.  They grow no food, they keep no livestock and live without rules or calendars. They are skillful hunters and supplement their food with honey. They are common to San Bushmen found in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa approximately 2000 miles away. Hadzabe are small in physical stature slight with lighter colored skin than most Africans. Hadzabe Bushmen language contains click sound as that of Bushmen ethnic of Kalahari desert. Their lifestyle, tradition and culture have always been fascinating to many visitors. When visiting the Hadzabe you can do the following activities:-

  • Explore their traditional ways of life.
  • Identify types of fruits and roots and leaves that are used as food and medicine.
  • Participate in hunting and gathering.
  • Discovering plants they extract poison and how poison arrows are used in hunting.
  • Learn how to use Bow and Arrow during hunting activities.


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