Nickson P. Mkumbo, Driver-Guide

Nickson P. Mkumbo Driver-Guide

Nickson P. Mkumbo

Nickson was born in Kigoma region where he attended primary school. He then completed secondary school education at Mwenge Secondary school in Singida region. He later undertook tour guide course in Arusha.

He has worked in the tourism industry for over ten years as a professional driver-guide serving tourists from all over the world. He has guided and driven travelers to over eighty percent of Tanzania national parks. His driving experience is fantastic.

Nickson is a certified driver guide for driving touristic vehicles. He is also well versed with vehicle mechanics.  He is proficient in English, Swahili and Italian languages. His favorite animal is Lion and his favorite park is Serengeti National Park.

Nickson does not only have excellent wildlife knowledge but also he knows Tanzania touristic attractions like he knows his palm. His customer care service is really great.

When Nickson is your driver guide, you are assured of a truly life-enriching safari experiences.